Throwback Feed Drop - Fresh Creatives #8: The Pharmacist

We're finally at our final week of our hiatus, next week, Jess, Hanh, and Marvin finally reunite to bring you a new episode of the Good Pop Culture Club, and just in time since Sandra Oh's new movie QUIZ LADY just dropped on Hulu. As a special treat to hold you over, we're digging way into Marvin's podcast vault to bring you an episode of one of his first podcasts, FRESH CREATIVES, about creating fresh new stories with an Asian American lens. This episode's guest is future co-host Jess Ju and together they build an epic action story about a humble apothecary fighting a corrupt English officer during the Opium Wars!

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Fresh Creatives is back! In season 2 we promise to be more daring (and more consistent!), and man, we begin the new season strong! In this episode, we present the martial arts period epic "The Pharmacist." It's The Departed meets Breaking Bad meets Ip Man, and it's amazing! (other pitches include a thrilling road trip and not so innocent children)

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