Throwback Feed Drop - Fresh Creatives #20: A Latte Love

Ok, we know we promised to be back this week, but a massive SNAFU at Pearson Airport in Toronto caused Marvin to get home a lot later than expected, so we weren't able to record a new episode, which means NEXT WEEK will be the triumphant return of new Good Pop episodes, in the meantime, we're going to share another episode from Fresh Creatives, where Marvin, Jess, and their friend Tony, dream up their dream xmas Rom Com! Please enjoy, and we'll see you next week!

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Julie is a successful tech executive, but when her family pressures her to bring home a date for the holidays, she decides to go all in and schedules 50 dates at the same coffee shop. RJ, is the proprieter of said coffee shop and specializes in ube lattes. He takes an interest in this stranger who has decided to look for love in his shop, but will he be able to break through when a handsome stranger enters the picture? Fresh Creatives presents A LATTE LOVE

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